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Liquidity is a central metaphor in my art. All my work contains the essence of fluidity in one-way or another. A drop here, a drop there, all collecting to form a liquid body of work. I seek out essence by removing details, and focusing on fleeting glimpses of the transient beauty of life and its forgotten moments, particularly in and around nature.

I tap into the underground river of life, and find stories that must be poured into my work. Liquids need containers to give them form. Stories bubble up to the top of my consciousness, striving to be free, and to be revealed as art.

I open the faucets of unconsciousness, letting images flow forth to make art. Sometimes the results are clear, sometimes murky. Faint echoes from deep down emerge, my yearnings, the stirrings of soul and spirit.

Life is an intensely magical experience to me. A look at nature affirms our insignificance in a world of constant flux. It brings back a sense of what it means to be human in such an awe-inspiring world, a particular luxuriance in the here and now, flowing away, never to return.