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Paint Behaving Badly:
Shrink-wrapped ecstasy and
other forbidden tales.

Plastic is the perfect metaphor for the American Dream and Experience. Americans live a full life full of mass manufactured experiences. We do almost anything to avoid looking deep within ourselves, or at what's really happening around us. We spend precious energy in pursuit of perfection through pre-packaged experiences: plastic experiences are often wrapped in plastic, and are paid for in plastic. Yet, we are never satisfied.

My experience on Madison Avenue taught me how America's mass media and marketing machine promotes certain values, hopes and desires. This machine creates differences between brands where there are none, and desire for products and services that have little lasting value.

I am an abstract painter who grew up in Japan and Europe giving me an alternative perspective from which to view American society. I eliminate traditional delivery systems, paint brushes and the like, for more immediate effects. My use of layers of color and intuitive use of line, shape, form and dimensional texture, all combine to provoke questions about predictability, and the subconscious power of colors in all their myriad combinations.

I use liquid polymer paint, a petroleum by-product, and plastic packaging, a petroleum and economic by-product, to capture the waning days of the American Empire of Oil through its by-products of mass consumption.